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Panorama Destination Announces Lemax Partnership
02 August 2019 | Written by dtnweb

Panorama Destination is set to upgrade its web-based back office system, switching to innovative software solutions provided by Lemax, a company located in Zagreb, Croatia. Lemax software offers greater automation in Panorama Destination operations, allowing the company to handle more reservations with greater efficiency, quote and invoice more quickly, expand selling channels and ultimately maximize revenue.

With a completely automated sales workflow, Panorama Destination will be able to respond more quickly, provide instant quotations and invoice customers with greater speed and accuracy. Sales and marketing automation tools will raise win rates on leads, while a new automatic supplier inquiry and confirmation process is expected to increase Panorama Destination’s reservation capacity tenfold.

Lemax software is completely web-based, so is accessible anywhere anytime via desktop or tablet. The new system features a built-in communication platform between suppliers and agents and a similar facility for Customer Relationship Management (CRM), which together will facilitate better communications across the board.

“To meet the growing demands of the industry, we need to have efficient and scalable software solutions. We found that Lemax has all the competitive advantages we need from our implementation partner. We are happy that our future development will be supported.”
– Renato Domini, CEO of Panorama Destination

“We are proud that the Panorama Destination has recognised the quality of our software solutions and has chosen us as its implementation partner in the global marketplace. We are confident that full integration will lead to customer goal achievement.”
– Mate Kostovski, Director of Lemax

The first Panorama Destination country to go live with Lemax will be Vietnam (January 2020), followed by Malaysia (February 2020), Asia World Indonesia (March 2020) and Thailand (April 2020), before Indonesia completes the Lemax solutions implementation process in May 2020.

Database setup and implementation has already begun. This month, Lemax launched its ‘Train the Trainer’ programme, with full implementation in all branches scheduled for the end of 2019. Panorama Destination has created a team dedicated to the completion of this project, comprising senior management personnel from all the company’s major destinations in Southeast Asia.

Lemax is web-based travel software that automates sales, marketing, operations and finances. For over 20 years, the Croatia-based company has created and implemented software solutions for the tourism industry, offering digital business solutions to tour operators and destination management companies (DMC). Today, Lemax software is used by more than 120 customers in over 50 countries across six continents, totalling more than € 1,35 billion in annual transactional value. Primary services include software implementation, training and support.