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Sustainability Updates
21 March 2018 | Written by dtnweb

PANORAMA DESTINATION Sustainability Initiatives: Steps in the Right Direction
Throughout 2019, Panorama Destination continued working hard to consolidate the positive achievements made thus far with regards to sustainability initiatives in the tourism sector. With 2020 now well underway, we are pleased to report on the following developments:

Travelife Certification
Since Panorama Destination officially received ‘Partner’ level certification for Indonesia at the World Travel Market (WTM) in London 2017, the company has continued to consolidate and expand its sustainability actions throughout the various destinations in which it operates.

Panorama Destination Indonesia is currently working on the renewal of its Travelife Partner Certification, which is expected to be completed in 2020.  We are also hoping to achieve the highest level of Travelife certification in 2021. To that end, the company has employed a new full-time Sustainability Coordinator to oversee all operations throughout Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam, and ensure that the highest standards of sustainability are met across the board.

In the Company’s other offices around Southeast Asia, Panorama Destination Thailand received Travelife Partner Certification on 5th March 2019 and hopes to reach the level of Travelife Certified in 2021. Panorama Destination Malaysia initiated their Travelife reporting process on 29th January 2019 and received Travelife Partner Certification on 11th June 2020. Panorama Destination has also recently opened a brand-new office in Vietnam, where the team commenced Travelife reporting 19th December 2019 and received Travelife Partner Certification on 17th April 2020.

To be awarded Travelife certification, companies must comply with more than 150 criteria related to office operations, product development, working with suppliers, customer relations and cooperation with other stakeholders in destinations. The Travelife standard covers Corporate Social Responsibility themes including environment, biodiversity, human rights and labour relations, and is formally recognised as being in full compliance with Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria supported by the United Nations.

Wakatobi and TNC
Panorama Destination has entered into a partnership with The Nature Conservancy (TNC) to preserve natural resources, raise awareness and improve waste management in the Wakatobi region of Sulawesi, Indonesia. One of the main aims of the project is to facilitate more ethical and productive exchanges between clients and the locations they visit. The partnership will also significantly advance TNC’s conservation agenda in Indonesia.

In addition, the Company has been developing a Tourism Village, involving capacity building for the residents of two tourism villages in Lombok, namely Sembalun Village and Bilebante Village. This programme is a local economic empowerment project, based around developing a more inclusive economy around Panorama Destination products and supply chains. The programme has run for four years, along with Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), a social institution from Germany. In this activity the Company undertakes the training of tour guides and develops tourism village products for tourists, along with story development training, management training and language training. In addition, the Company also promotes these tourist villages to international markets through travel expo activities engaging overseas agents, clients and companies. Panorama Destination not only provides training and opportunities for villagers; through the Panorama Foundation, it has also supported the building of a Village Community Centre.

Elephant Welfare
A major feature of Panorama Destination’s plan for the year ahead is our participation in the ‘Elephant Camp Animal Welfare and Sustainability Standard and Assessment Initiative.’ The objective of this project is to ensure that activities and experiences at elephant camps are conducted in a responsible way. The initiative has emerged in response to the growing concerns from industry stakeholders, informed travellers and animal rights groups.

Renato Domini, CEO of Panorama Destination, has outlined his commitment to ethical, sustainable travel. “Sustainability is characterized by positive and balanced interactions taking place at a local level,” explained Renato. “Through the initiatives we’ve put in place, we will continue striving for a more sustainable future throughout the destinations in which we operate,” he continued. Panorama Destination looks forward to sharing further developments and success stories with you in future.