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Thai DMCs United by Health & Safety Standards Ahead of Tourism Restart
16 July 2020 | Written by Chris Alexander

Bangkok, 16th July 2020 – In response to a complete halt of international travel due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Destination Management Companies (DMC) community in Thailand has been hard at work formulating and implementing standards that will solidify Thailand and its tourism facilitators as a destination that is safe for travel.  

The Thailand Hygiene Plus Initiative (THPI) has been developed by a group of leading DMCs operating in Thailand’s tourism industry, to create a safe and healthy environment for travellers, with the aim of getting the message out to potential clients.  

These standards cover six areas, namely offices, staff, ground teams, meals, vehicles and transportation, and sports equipment and facilities. The standards include, but are not limited to, those to be certified by the “Amazing Thailand Safety and Health Administration” (SHA). A checklist of operational requirements has been developed and implemented by all operators signed up to the Thailand Hygiene Plus Initiative, including Panorama Destination. 

“We’re delighted to be part of this great initiative,” says Nicola Scaramuzzino, who is Country Manager of Panorama Destination Thailand. “The safety of our guests is our first priority, so it’s great to have the community of DMCs in Thailand come together and implement these new protocols; with standardised safety measures in place across the board, the final part of the puzzle will be in place when Thailand’s authorities allow tourists to return. We all hope that will happen soon,” he added. 

Other members of the initiative include the following DMCs: Abercrombie & Kent Thailand; Asia Exotica; Asian Trails; Black Rice Travel, which is a member of the LUXPERIA Collective; Destination Asia (Thailand); EXO Travel Thailand; Focus Asia; Go Vacation Thailand; Khiri Travel Thailand; Remote Lands; Smiling Albino; Tour East; and Travel Exclusive Asia Thailand.  

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