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Air Pollution in North Thailand: How to Stay Safe
09 April 2019 | Written by dtnweb

In recent weeks, smog has been collecting in some northern regions of Thailand. In response, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has issued a statement advising travellers on how to take the necessary precautions when visiting Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and the surrounding provinces.

According to the directive from TAT, it is highly recommended that tourists who are visiting the northern parts of the country should wear an N95-rated face mask, to avoid any respiratory problems resulting from the pollution. Travellers are also reminded to save the contact of the Tourist Police Hotline on 1155, just in case any unexpected things happen due to the smog. Tourists can also keep up to date with ongoing reports of the air quality by downloading the mobile application “Air4Thai” on App Store or Google Play.

TAT said it is cooperating with Chiang Mai Municipality to set water curtains, fountains, water tunnels and artificial waterfalls at key locations. TAT also encourages high office buildings as well as attractions to help diminish dust by cleaning their premises and spraying water ahead of the Chiang Mai Songkran Festival 2019.

The pollution has been blamed on a range of accumulative factors, including trash fires, traffic and forest fires in neighbouring countries. It is hoped that the upcoming Songkran festival will help to disperse the smog and return northern Thailand’s air quality to normal levels.