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Bangkok Airways: Taking Street Food to New Heights
26 February 2019 | Written by dtnweb

Bangkok Airways has launched a new in-flight menu entitled “Boutique Street Food”, featuring a range of classic dishes usually found at the nation’s iconic street vendors. The new menu is now available on domestic and international Bangkok Airways flights departing from Suvarnabhumi, Koh Samui and Phuket Airports.

Dishes include Thai vermicelli with fish curry, steamed rice with chicken, pad Thai with shrimps, stir-fried chicken with basil leaves served with jasmine rice, Thai coconut jelly, Thai egg custard in pumpkin, roasted duck noodles, southern-style spicy minced chicken served with jasmine rice, Thai spicy & sour soup with shrimps fried rice, baked shrimps with glass noodles, Thai banana in coconut milk, and Thai sweet egg-serpentine.

Executive Chef of Bangkok Air Catering (BAC), Mr. Charoonya Napon said, “Our team of professional chefs has chosen some of the best Thai street food menus and developed them to be in line with Bangkok Airways boutique street food concept as well as to be able to serve passengers on the flights. Airline food requires certain procedures and standards that are different when compared to other food. Bangkok Air Catering has been long known for its expertise in producing delicious high-quality food for airline travel.”

Director – Corporate Sales & Marketing of Bangkok Air Catering (BAC), Mr. Amorn Rassamesangpetch said, “We have our new catering facility at Phuket International Airport dubbed as Thailand’s third busiest airport. Currently, our BAC Phuket is catering to 9 airlines, and we are also building our new facility at Chiang Mai International Airport which is expected to be in operation by the second quarter of 2019.”