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COVID-19: Lockdown Measures to be Relaxed
02 May 2020 | Written by dtnweb

Thailand’s Centre for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) has announced a welcome relaxation of the Kingdom’s lockdown guidelines, starting from tomorrow (Sunday, 3rd May 2020).

According to government statements, various businesses will be allowed to resume operations from Sunday onwards, including restaurants and other dining establishments. The existing ban on sales of alcoholic beverages will also be partially lifted; although restaurants will not be allowed to serve alcohol when they reopen on Sunday, people will be able to purchase alcoholic drinks elsewhere for consumption at home.

As part of the relaxation in lockdown measures, six categories of venue will be allowed to reopen: markets, including street vendors, flea markets, fresh food sellers and floating markets; all food shops, except those operating in malls; retail, such as supermarkets, convenience stores and small restaurants; sports and recreation areas, both indoor and outdoor (although team sports are still prohibited); hair salons; and pet facilities, including grooming salons, kennels and nurseries.

All of the above will be granted the freedom to do business under Thailand’s new measures, with the proviso that COVID-19 safety protocols must remain in place. The public are also advised to maintain social distancing and hygiene safety measures, and continue to stay at home wherever possible.

Despite the new relaxed controls, certain restrictions remain unaffected, in accordance with Thailand’s Emergency Decree Order, scheduled to remain in effect until 31st May, 2020. According to these rules, a six-hour curfew continues daily from 10pm until 4am. Mass gatherings are still banned, while a ban on inbound flights remains in place for the duration of the decree.

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