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COVID-19 Recovery: Thailand’s Beaches Reopen
10 June 2020 | Written by Chris Alexander

A number of beaches and tourist attractions have begun welcoming back visitors this week, following the latest phase in Thailand’s continued lifting of travel restrictions and closures due to the coronavirus. 

Several locations have reopened for business since the weekend, as the nation begins a nationwide return to normality. To ensure the transition is safe and controlled, Thailand’s Department of Health (DOH) is recommending curbs on the number of visitors at popular tourist spots, while PPE and physical distancing protocols remain in place.  

According to the DOH, beaches will be monitored to ensure that activities and attendance do not pose a potential threat to holidaymakers; capacity limits are likely to be put in place to avoid crowding, while water sports will also be regulated closely to avoid any potential transmission of the virus. 

To help visitors stay safe, hand washing stations and sanitizers will be put in place at popular locations, while businesses, attractions and public facilities (such as rest rooms) will need to adhere to strict cleaning routines and protocols.  

Thailand’s Centre for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) has confirmed that businesses with clear standards and strategies in place will be allowed to reopen ahead of schedule. The CCSA is currently working on the fourth and final phase, which relates to businesses and activities that are in the high-risk category, such as pubs, bars, discos and event venues. 

In Bangkok, businesses and tourist attractions are also enjoying a return to normal operations, following an announcement at the beginning of this month that permitted restaurants, hair salons, beauty centres, clinics, fitness centres and massage parlours to reopen.  

At the end of May, Thailand’s government confirmed it will officially lift all COVID-19 restrictions and welcome back international tourists, starting from 1st July. By that point, all businesses and activities across the country will have resumed normal operations, interprovincial travel will be permitted, emergency decree and curfew will have been fully lifted and access to Thailand for international travellers will once again be restored.