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Imagine Phuket: World’s Top Holiday Island Back in Business
01 July 2020 | Written by Chris Alexander

As Thailand prepares to reopen from the beginning of July, Phuket has As Thailand prepares to reopen its borders, Phuket has launched a bid to make the island a destination of choice for returning holidaymakers. Crystalized in an inspiring new video, the Imagine Phuket campaign encourages viewers to look ahead to their travels, while also looking back on the attractions that have traditionally made Phuket one of the world’s favourite island destinations. 

Working together with global hospitality branding agency QUO, Phuket Hotels Association are using the campaign to push a revival in tourism on the island. From idyllic coastal landscapes, to the historic architecture of the island’s old town, vibrant food markets, karst formations, snorkelling and sunsets, the video captures some of Phuket’s most enduring attractions, compelling viewers to imagine their imminent return. 

David Keen is the CEO of QUO. He explains that the Imagine Phuket campaign has been designed to pull on the heart strings and draw international travellers back to the island. “We know that there is a massive desire to travel again, both locally and internationally,” says Keen. “Our intent is to bring the story back to Phuket.” 

The campaign includes a new logo, which will be adopted, adapted and disseminated by members of the Phuket Hotels Association, in an effort to drive up visitor numbers and spur a revival in the island’s tourism fortunes before the close of the year. Each of the 75 properties in the group will be able to personalise the video and its accompanying imagery with their own logos and branding, as the island’s hospitality sector make a concerted effort to put Phuket at the front of the queue for returning tourists. 

“Phuket is the leading resort destination in Asia and one of the most loved resort destinations anywhere in the world,” says Anthony Lark, who is president of the Phuket Hotels Association. “Our members have come together with QUO to create a campaign, in both English and Thai, to evoke the soul of the destination,” he added. 

Travellers returning to Phuket from this week onwards will be able to enjoy the pristine natural wonders of Sirinat National Park, which is set to reopen on Wednesday after two months of closure. Located on the north-western tip of Phuket, the park is famed for its beautiful beaches and mangrove forests, along with some spectacular diving and snorkelling spots around coral reefs around 1,000 metres offshore. 

To ensure the safety of returning tourists, the park will limit arrivals to just 560 people at a time, while also implementing strict social distancing protocols and screening measures. All will be required to wear face masks and check in and out using the Thai Chana contact-tracing platform. Visitors can book in advance, using the QueQ app, or purchase tickets on arrival.  

Phuket is officially Asia’s most-visited island destination, with over 10 million arrivals in 2019 alone. With the island’s airport, national parks, beaches, hotels, resorts and attractions now open for business, Phuket – and Thailand – are poised to welcome back international arrivals.