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Mezzaluna Restaurant Awarded Two Michelin Stars
11 January 2018 | Written by dtnweb

The Bangkok restaurant, located on the 65th floor of Lebua Hotel in Bangkok, was awarded two stars in the first selection of the prestigious Michelin Guide. With so many superb eateries to choose from around the glittering culinary capital, Mezzaluna’s accolade comes more sharply into focus.

Ryuki Kawasaki is the Chef de Cuisine at Mezzaluna. Following the announcement, he had this to say: “To be to be awarded two Michelin stars is truly incredible. I am proud and deeply humbled by the recognition,” said Chef Ryuki. He credited the restaurant’s success to a combination of teamwork and the freedom to innovate: “I cannot say enough about my team at Mezzaluna and the support we’ve received from Lebua. They’ve encouraged me to indulge my culinary imagination and build the experience that is Mezzaluna,” he explained.

Mezzaluna’s menu reflects Ryuki’s Japanese heritage, whilst also incorporating flourishes of French cuisine garnered from his training. Dishes are composed of organic, locally-sourced ingredients, alongside premium components imported from around the world especially for Mezzaluna. This innovative combination of flavours and themes led the Micheline Guide to describe Mezzaluna’s dishes simply as “European delights executed with Japanese precision.”

The Mezzaluna is one of only three Bangkok restaurants to obtain two of the hard-won stars. The award has propelled the restaurant – and Chef Ryuki – to the forefront of the international culinary stage, taking their place amongst some illustrious company. Mezzaluna can now confidently call themselves one of Asia’s premiere destination restaurants.