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Thai Airline Launches Green Campaign
05 February 2020 | Written by dtnweb

Thai Airways International (THAI) and THAI Smile have started a concerted campaign to reduce food wastage in their operations. The initiative, named “Save Food Save the World”, has been launched in collaboration with Food Innopolis and Thailand’s Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment (MSDHS) and National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA).

Under the new initiative, both airlines will pay special attention to their catering services, in an effort to reduce the amount of food waste produced. THAI has committed to focusing on their manufacturing process and supply chain, from the procurement of ingredients to their production processes, menu planning, packaging, loading and cabin waste management.

THAI also plans to reduce cabin waste by encouraging passengers to select their meals before the flight. This particular initiative is expected to reduce food waste from in-flight meals by a total of 20 per cent, and will be introduced on European flights this year. Following an initial trial period, it is then expected to be rolled out on all THAI services in 2021.

Recent Thai government data has highlighted the nation’s problem with food waste, which accounts for 33 to 50 per cent of all solid waste in Thailand. THAI has projected a reduction 400kg of food waste per day under the new project.

The Save Food Save the World campaign is expected to save THAI around 16.5 tonnes per year (5.7 tonnes from domestic flights and 10.8 tonnes from international flights). That is equivalent to around 100,000 meals per year. The campaign will also save the airline an estimate 20 million baht (US$648,298) each year.

THAI have made eco-consciousness their number one priority in 2020, with a stated aim of becoming a fully sustainable airline by 2023.