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Thailand Launches New Campaign and Tourism Portal
11 January 2022 | Written by Chris Alexander

In a bid to reassure international tourists and boost arrivals in the months ahead, Thailand’s Ministry of Tourism and Sports has launched a new campaign, entitled “Thailand Trusted Destination.” Combined with a cutting-edge new tourism portal, the campaign is geared towards making the post-pandemic era safer and more convenient for returning travellers. 

Under the new scheme, tourism businesses will be certified in recognition of their compliance with various standards relating to health and safety. Those who meet the criteria will be permitted to display a distinctive dancing elephant logo that confirms their status as an official Thailand Trusted Destination

Businesses will be evaluated, not only on their cleanliness and safety standards, but on their sustainability credentials; eco-friendly tourism operations have been highlighted as a key component of post-pandemic travel in Thailand. 

The government is hoping that, by providing travellers with greater information and reassurance before they depart – and then guiding them between safety-certified hotspots during their stay – Thailand will be able to welcome more international arrivals. 

For the 8-15 million people expected to arrive in 2022, Thailand’s Ministry of Tourism has launched a new portal, named Entry Thailand, which outlines all the information holidaymakers need to know before departure. The new portal has been designed to make the application and entry process more straightforward. 

“The pile of paperwork and several organizations tourists have to deal with are inconvenient,” explains Tourism Minister Phiphat Ratchakitprakarn. “The ministry wants this platform to help reduce [travellers’] difficulties when planning trips to Thailand.”  

The Entry Thailand portal is part of the ministry’s e-service roadmap planned for 2022–2024, which is designed to help travellers navigate the complex range of entry requirements resulting from Covid-19. It will provide a much-needed one-stop-shop for all the required information, including details on entry requirements, SHA+ hotels, tourist attractions, getting around, and where to eat. 

Phiphat recently expressed his optimism about the future of Thai tourism, with revenue in the sector expected to deliver between 1.3 and 1.8 trillion baht in 2022. The new portal has been developed in expectation of a tourism surge this year and into next, with current projections forecasting 20 million tourists during 2023.