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Thailand Prepares for an Historic Weekend
02 May 2019 | Written by dtnweb

This weekend, King Maha Vajiralongkorn (also known as Rama X) will become Thailand’s new monarch, following nearly seven decades of rule by his late father. Saturday, 4th May will be the official date of the coronation, while the following Monday, 6th May has been declared a nationwide public holiday. Lots of exuberant and colourful celebrations are expected throughout Thailand during this time. Bangkok’s Grand Palace will host the events, and will therefore be closed to the public.

In addition to the Palace itself, many nearby roads in Rattanakosin and some parts of the Chao Phraya River will be closed or heavily congested from 2 to 6 May. Due to the tight security surrounding this occasion, visitors are reminded to be patient, to respectfully enjoy the festivities and make allowances for certain disruptions to travel during this time. All excursions and tours offered in and around the Grand Palace will be temporarily suspended over the coronation period.

“We have already taken the necessary measures, modifying some of our itineraries to ensure that minimal inconvenience is caused to our guests,” says Nicola Scaramuzzino, who is Panorama Destination’s country manager for Thailand. “At the same time, we encourage them to take the unique opportunity to be part of this ‘history in the making’ moment,” he continued.

The royal family is much beloved in Thailand, and for most citizens this will be the first coronation of a king in their lifetimes. This means the upcoming weekend will be a time of great celebration and a unique moment in time for Thailand; travellers to the Thai capital will have the chance to witness history. Many people will be wearing yellow shirts throughout April to July, as this is seen as the royal colour. Visitors are encouraged to do the same, as a sign of solidarity and respect.

In addition to the coronation ceremony, a range of Hindu and Buddhist rituals have been taking place in Bangkok’s palaces since the beginning of April.  Later in the year, a Royal Barge Procession will give visitors to Thailand another chance to see the nation’s new king up close. With so many colourful and historic celebrations taking place, now is a great time to visit Thailand.

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