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Thailand Tops Global COVID-19 Recovery Index
04 August 2020 | Written by Chris Alexander

In a clear sign of progress for the Kingdom’s recovery from COVID-19 restrictions, Thailand has come out on top of the Global COVID-19 Index (GCI). The news was confirmed at the end of last month by the Tourism Authority of Thailand.  

Based on data from the Johns Hopkins Centre for Health Security in the United States and the Global Health Security Index, the GCI provides a reliable assessment of global health security in countries worldwide and an indication of each nation’s progress in recovering from COVID-19. 

Published on 28th July, this index assigned a score of 82.06 to Thailand, putting the Land of Smiles at the very top of the pile in terms of its COVID-19 response and recovery progress. This news confirms Thailand as a standard bearer for COVID-19 safety measures and revival efforts. 

Elsewhere in the rankings, South Korea was placed second with a recovery index of 81.09, followed by Latvia (80.81), Malaysia (79.37), Taiwan (78.94) and New Zealand (78.55). Australia, which had been number one in previous months, fell to sixth, with a recovery index of 77.18. In the previous GCI ranking published on 14th June, Thailand was placed in second. 

As Thailand continues to lift travel restrictions and prepares to welcome back international visitors, the latest data from the Global COVID-19 Index offers welcome reassurance that this tourism revival is putting safety first.