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Thailand Tourism Back in Business
01 July 2020 | Written by Chris Alexander

Starting from today (1/7), Thailand has reopened its borders to international travel and officially begun the Kingdom’s long-awaited tourism revival, following closures due to COVID-19. Henceforth, all pre-existing COVID-19 lockdown measures will be lifted, including international flight restrictions, interstate travel and the majority of tourism activities and attractions.  

Thailand’s tourism revival has been rolled out in stages, since the news was first confirmed at the end of May by the government’s National Security Council chief. “This includes interprovincial and international travel, as well as the end of emergency decree and curfew,” said NSC secretary-general Gen Somsak Rungsita in a statement at the time. Since then, curfews and restrictions have been rolled back, and businesses have been allowed to reopen, in order to welcome tourists back safely to Thailand.  

The government spent June gradually and carefully lifting restrictions on travel, businesses and attractions, reopening Thailand’s tourism infrastructure in three stages. Last month, beaches and national parks were officially allowed to reopen, along with restaurants, bars and businesses. To ensure a safe transition to normal operations, COVID-19 safety measures will remain in place as part of the new normal for travellers in Thailand for the foreseeable future. This is likely to include the continued use of PPE, screening and social distancing measures.  

Thailand’s Department of Health (DOH) director-general, Panpimol Wipulakorn, has advised travellers to continue to practicing safety measures such as social distancing and wearing masks, while also washing their hands regularly. The DOH is working with the relevant agencies to establish health and safety guidelines at tourist attractions and beaches. Tourists numbers will be limited in places, with social distancing measures enforced. Certain water sports and activities in the ocean will also be regulated. 

Tourists are expected to strictly adhere to the location’s guidelines, wearing a mask on the beach, washing their hands frequently and maintaining a one- to two-metre distance from each other both on land and in water. Public employees are also required to wear a face shield and gloves. In addition, hand-washing stations and sanitizer gel will be made available at tourist facilities, while public washrooms will be cleaned at least every two hours. 

With Thailand’s borders and attractions now open for business and visas being issued to international travellers, the nation’s tourism sector can finally begin to get back on its feet. Panorama Destination will continue to post the latest developments from Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam via our social media channels: 

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