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Thailand Emergency Numbers

Thailand Emergency Numbers

As a rule, people have a wonderful and safe time while staying in Thailand. However, accidents do occasionally take place too. Like anywhere else in the world, the climate, traffic, food, crime and health problems can potentially affect anybody at any time, from local residents, to expats and tourists. We don’t want to shock or scare you; it’s simply a good idea to be prepared in case the worst should happen. When travelling in any foreign country, it’s sensible to take precautions, plan ahead and be careful.
A good starting point is to have each of the emergency phone numbers close to hand; it’s better to have them and not need them, than need them but not have them. We’ve collected all of the major numbers for you below, so you can turn to them in case of an emergency. Hopefully you will not need to.

Panorama Destination Thailand Emergency Contact

24-hour Customer Care: +66 (0) 91-787-6956
When in Thailand dial: 091 787 6956

Emergencies in Thailand

In case of emergency, the number to call is 191

For medical emergencies, you can also call these private hospitals in Bangkok for immediate help:

Bumrungrad Hospital - 02 667 1175

Bangkok Hospital - 02 310 3001

Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital - 02 711 8191

All of these numbers are answered by English-speaking operators.

Depending on what SIM card is being used, callers may need to use the country and area code.

Country code for Thailand : +66

To call abroad from Thailand, use one of the following prefixes:

007 / 008 / 009