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COVID-19 Situation Report: Vietnam
22 April 2020 | Written by Chris Alexander

Confirmed cases: 268
Number of deaths: 0*

Travel restrictions:
As of March 22nd 2020, entry into Vietnam has been suspended for all foreign nationals. The only exceptions are for those entering the country for diplomatic and official purposes, or experts granted access for specific projects. Previously, the ban only affected those arriving from the worst-hit areas, such as Schengen countries. The existing precautions are temporary and should be lifted once the virus is under control. An announcement is expected soon.

Reasons for optimism:
Vietnam has seen fewer cases than other Asian countries, largely thanks to its swift response to outbreaks of the virus. The nation has been praised by the World Health Organization (WHO) for its decisive action. The country has imposed screening measures and immediately locked down individual provinces and tourism objects following the confirmation of new cases. These actions have dramatically curbed the spread of the virus, meaning the country is in good shape and ready to reopen when the time is right.

When Vietnam does lift its restrictions, travellers will be able to make use of unlimited air travel, thanks to a new offer from Vietnamese airline Vietjet. The carrier has launched an exclusive Power Pass, which allows passengers to take unlimited domestic flights around the country for the next 12 months. The pass offers unprecedented flexibility, with unlimited changes to flights and the option to plan itineraries up to a year ahead.

Key quote:
“With all modesty and eagerness to learn, Vietnam has so far controlled the COVID-19 epidemic well” (Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam)

*(latest COVID-19 figures according to World Health Organization (WHO) Situation Report #92, dated 21st April 2020)