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Entrance Fees: Local Rates for International Tourists
28 January 2020 | Written by Chris Alexander

The Vietnamese government has confirmed they will allow international visitors to pay the same rates as locals when visiting relics and historic sites, starting in January 2020.

The new regulation, outlined in Circular 85/2019/TT-BTC, was issued by Vietnam’s Ministry of Finance in relation to the collection of fees and charges and decided by People’s Councils of centrally-run provinces and cities.

Under the new decree, sightseeing activities at scenic spots, historical relics, cultural works and museums in provinces and cities must apply fees that are uniform for both Vietnamese and international tourists. Children, disabled people and the elderly will remain exempt from paying entrance fees under the new scheme.

In addition to entrance fees for relic sites, the circular also stipulates a list of fees and charges under the authority of the provincial and municipal People’s Councils, including a fee for temporary use of road beds and pavements, resident registration fee, fee for granting identity cards (for activities carried out by local agencies), civil status fee, fee for granting work permits to foreigners working in Vietnam (for permits granted by local agencies), fee for granting certificates of land use rights, ownership of houses and properties attached to land, fee for granting construction permits and business registration fee.

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