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Ha Long Bay Named in Asia’s Most Popular Attractions
18 September 2019 | Written by Chris Alexander

Hạ Long Bay in Vietnam’s Quảng Ninh Province has been named one of the most popular attractions in Asia, according to the South China Morning Post newspaper, based in Hong Kong.

The UNESCO World Heritage site was placed fifth overall in a list entitled “10 Most Popular Asian Gems” that included locations such as Angkor Wat, the Taj Mahal, Mount Everest, Thailand’s Grand Palace in Bangkok and Indonesia’s Komodo Island. The list was topped by the Great Wall of China.

With its unique karst formations, spectacular scenery and fascinating local cultures, Ha Long Bay is a destination that is growing in popularity among international visitors to Vietnam. Last year, around 5.2 million foreigners visited the bay, which was a massive 22% increase on the previous year. Around 30% of Vietnam’s 15.6 million annual foreign tourists opt to visit Ha Long, which is an indication of its iconic status among international visitors.

The recent boom in visits to Hạ Long Bay has been partly attributed to major infrastructure developments in the area, which have made it easier than ever to visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site.