Travellers want memorable wildlife experiences, but they also expect high animal welfare standards. From elephants and apes to dolphins, turtles and whales, Southeast Asia offers some of the most unforgettable fauna the world has to offer. As a tour provider in this region, Panorama Destination has a unique opportunity to highlight these natural wonders; we also have an obligation to ensure that interactions are characterized by safety, respect and an awareness of the wider context.

Whether captive or in the wild, the welfare of animals is of primary concern.

Our goal is to maintain and improve high standards of animal welfare in each of the destinations where we operate. To achieve this objective, we leverage our relationships with suppliers and encourage all company representatives – from stakeholders to product managers, agents and guides – to offer meaningful, safe and memorable experiences to customers, while also ensuring the welfare and dignity of the animals they have come to see.

Panorama Destination aims to ensure that animal welfare within attractions reaches and – where possible – exceeds a minimum acceptable level. Wherever customers are able to view or interact with animals, these facilities should aspire to achieve the best animal welfare practice possible. As a baseline standard, a set of minimum requirements should be implemented, clearly evident and safeguarded by any supplier partnered with Panorama Destination.

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We have a responsibility to continually improve our business practices, so they remain in line with the evolving global understanding of sustainable development. The connection between tourism and animals provides us with an opportunity to educate travellers about biodiversity and conservation efforts. By implementing and adhering to specific guidelines and examples of best practice with regards to animal welfare, Panorama Destination supports positive change and deters bad practice in each of the locations where we hold partnerships with animal experience providers. As an organization, we denounce the unsustainable harvesting of wildlife and selling or sourcing of wildlife products. We support the ethical treatment of animals in captivity according to the Five Freedoms and 15 Criteria approved by ABTA and the UK Travel Association. As a tour provider in Southeast Asia, it is our duty to advise travellers and suppliers with regards to our policy and in so doing, contribute to the overall sustainability of each destination.