Panorama Destination strongly condemns all forms of child abuse and exploitation. In each of the locations in which we operate, the company actively works to support both local and international law enforcement in their prevention and punishment of such crimes. We encourage all clients, partners and members of staff to remain vigilant and look for the warning signs or potential vulnerabilities, so they can report instances of abuse or suspicious behaviour through the appropriate channels. In line with the Tourism Child Protection Code, Panorama Destination provides dedicated training for company guides, drivers and staff, along with helpful information for clients and travellers. By working together, we can fight the exploitation and abuse of children in Southeast Asia.

The sexual exploitation of children is a global problem. According to a study by the UN, more than 200 million children fall victim to sexual exploitation and violence every year. While tourism is not solely to blame for all of these cases, the industry facilitates a disparity in the wealth, strength and influence of adults and children that it brings together. Tourism’s dark underworld casts a wide shadow; according to a 2010 UNICEF report, two million children are dragged into prostitution every year.

For many countries in Southeast Asia, tourism has become a primary source of income; where the visiting currency is King, many will create supply to meet the demand. In many such places, policing is often undermined by corruption and limited in its powers by a lack of legislation. These conditions, when combined together, can create a dangerous environment for children, who are already some of society’s most vulnerable in such places.

Children in poverty, children without parents, children living on the street or those already working around tourists are especially vulnerable to sexual exploitation in tourism.

There is no escaping this problem, but it can be resolved if the tourism industry decides to meet it head on. Only by working together and being vigilant can we put a stop to this practice and ensure that tourism has a positive, helpful impact on the places it reaches out to. Panorama Destination has a duty to ensure that all its clients, employees, partners and affiliates contribute to eradicating this abuse and providing children with a more positive picture of tourism.

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All those who represent or are affiliated with the company are expected to uphold these values, while also playing an active role in highlighting instances of abuse to help eradicate the problem. Wherever tourism professionals provide services in areas exposed to sex tourism, the protection of children should be a primary concern, with appropriate actions built into operations. Our goal is to collaborate with clients, partners, suppliers and competitors across the industry, to create a unified front and help ensure the protection of children in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam. We adhere to international regulations and follow the guidance of governing bodies, in an effort to achieve these aims to the best of our abilities.
Panorama Destination encourages clients to be on the lookout for potential threats to children’s safety when travelling, and report any instances immediately through the correct channels.