We strive to promote and develop sustainable experiences for our guests by selecting accommodations and taking part in activities that have been recognized to be beneficial to the local communities and environments.

We also engage actively with our local partners, suppliers, guides, and industry colleagues to promote responsible tourism and sustainability.

As an addition to our regular itineraries we have developed dedicated eco-friendly programs that privilege recognized sustainable accommodations, community based activities and low impact transportation as trains, LPG fueled busses and electric vehicles.


To achieve sustainability, it is necessary that the whole supply chain is involved in the process. We have set up some policies to implement when selecting transport, accommodation, service providers:

  • Transportation providers need to follow strict safety standards, and when possible sustainable means of transportation are preferred.
  • We favor locally own hotels, resorts, home stays and lodges, possibly with internationally recognized sustainability certifications.
  • Upon contracting activities suppliers and accommodations, we submit them a form to fill to assess their compliance with our sustainability standards.
  • Sustainability clauses are added to all our suppliers’ contracts  to ensure that they are compliant with local and international regulations regarding child labor, waste management, protection of the ecosystem and anti-corruption and bribery.
  • We promote and encourage our service providers to participate in sustainability dedicated trainings.
  • We conduct regular on site inspections to ensure that what has been stated in the self assessment form correspond to reality.
  • We ensure that all our guides have received proper sustainable tourism training and that are Travelife certified.

Here below some examples of our itineraries, or contact us for a complete list of eco sustainable products.


Food is an important part of the discovery of different cultures, and at Panorama Destination we strongly believe in promoting local cuisine in all our destinations, by offering meals in locally owned restaurants and actively promoting cooking classes in community-based cooking schools or even families.
Our criteria of selection include local ownership, traditional cuisine, eventually local style of architecture and decoration and where possible restaurants with a social cause (i.e. community based). We also favor venues which offer locally grown and/or organic products.
We do not promote nor allow our guests to chose restaurants who offer endangered species on their menu, such as shark fin soup, turtle eggs, turtle soups or satays etc.


One of the most loved part of traveling is shopping for souvenirs and memories. Unfortunately, some souvenirs are harmful for the environment, they might be produced with the use of child labor or they might be the result of illegal activities.
We have developed a list of sustainable items that are safely purchasable, and we have been training our guides to help our clients to chose the right place where to do their shopping.
Historical artifacts, any products made from endangered animals, corals or plants species, religious items are among the souvenirs that we strongly discourage (if not even forbid) to purchase.